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Back 08 May, 2023


PathnSitu Biotechnologies celebrates Histology Professionals Day by recognizing and honoring the lab heroes who bring beauty to the art of staining slides. Lets meet our winners of "Art of Histology" contest 2023, who showcased their remarkable talents.

Big Congratulations to Ms. Jijjuvarapu Shirisha (Senior Technician from Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad) and Dr. Kseniya Ruksha (Pathologist from Belarusian State University, #Minsk), our deserving champions. We also extend our congratulations to Ms. Anila B I (Senior Technician Supervisor from ASTER MEDCITY Kochi) for her exceptional skills, earning her the title of 1st Runner Up. Mr. Raghu Ram Sai (Junior Technologist from Apollo Hospitals , Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad) takes home the title of 2nd Runner Up.

Thank you to all who participated in the competition, and a special thanks to our winners for demonstrating the artistry of histology. Once again, we extend gratitude to our expert jury panel for helping us to make this competition a successful event.