About Us

Your Advanced Tissue Pathology Partner

PathnSitu Biotechnologies is a leading manufacturer in the supply of high-quality products for tissue-based Cancer Diagnosis. Our team consists of world class scientific advisors and hands-on technical advisors that bring over two decades of global tissue diagnostics experience directly to the customer. Employees at PathnSitu are aligned towards a common goal of betterment of human life and thus, ensures holistic care for its employees to provide conducive environment for their performance.

We are One Stop Solution for all tissue pathology requirements including Histology Equipments, FITC Antibodies, Tissue Microarray, Histology Stains and complete end to end solution for Immunohistochemistry (Primary Antibodies, Detection Systems, Buffers, Diluents, Automated staining systems etc.) Our team is continuously working towards the development of new clones and antibodies for research and diagnostic use to shape the future of advanced diagnostics to optimize better healthcare. Our major strength is Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies which are highly specific and sensitive. Tissue Micro Array is the unique product of PathnSitu which excels the research of end user by minimizing the consumption of reagents and quantify maximum number of samples in one go.

Our aim is to make cancer diagnosis effective and affordable to all our customers.