Deparaffinization & Staining Station- Plastic

Deparaffinization (removal of paraffin wax from tissues) and staining are the important steps in any histopathology and cytopathology laboratories. In traditional methodology usage of wide mouth glass jars leads to excess evaporation of xylenes and alcohols and there is a high chance of breakage. PathnSitu developed a staining station with tough plastic, which is highly resistant to xylenes,...

Deparaffinization and Staining Station- SS

PathnSitu provides the high quality solvent and stain resistant jars for deparaffinization and clearing of slides in histology and immunohistochemistry labs. The jars are costumed made for high throughput and slide rack holds upto 20 slides. The slide jar and the rack are xylene and alcohol resistant and underwent lots of crash testing in our R &D lab.The jar set is enclosed in metal frame...


Multi Epitope Retrieval System-2 is uniquely designed by PathnSitu Biotechnologies, to perform optimal antigen retrieval triggered by heat and pressure. The customized one touch retrieval programs are validated for Immunohistochemistry application and allows user to select the interest of cellular localization protocols. The system easily can adapt to the high workflow with right efficiency,...

Slide Chamber- Multipurpose Staining Chamber

The multi purpose staining chamber developed by PathnSitu is suitable for various slide staining protocols.The dual color lid(s) supports for light sensitive stains which, are mainly employed for immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and immunofluorescence.