Deparaffinization and Staining Station- SS

PathnSitu provides the high quality solvent and stain resistant jars for deparaffinization and clearing of slides in histology and immunohistochemistry labs. The jars are costumed made for high throughput and slide rack holds upto 20 slides. The slide jar and the rack are xylene and alcohol resistant and underwent lots of crash testing in our R &D lab.The jar set is enclosed in metal frame and can fit anywhere in your lab. The jar set comes with 8 jars, lids, and 1 slide rack. The design is intended to save on reagents and reduce the cost. It holds approx. 250 ml which is enough to submerge all standard glass slides.


  • Size
    47.5 X 12.0 X 12.0 cm


  • Compact Stainless Steel Stand
  • Color Coded Solvent Resistant Jars
  • Each Jar holds upto 275 ml Capacity
  • Minimum Consumption with Less Evaporation
  • Designed for Deparaffinization and H & E

Kit Components

This include
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • 8 Jars with Lids
  • 1 Side Rack(Hold up to 20 slides)

Ordering Information

  • Catalog
    Pack Size
  • SC001
    8 nos staining jars+1 no. slide rack