PolyExcel HRP/DAB Detection System-Two Step

PathnSitu uniquely developed PolyExcel micro-polymer detection system, which is compatible with Mouse and Rabbit primary antibodies. The smaller size of polymer in micro-polymer technology adheres to bound protein molecules strongly in shorter incubation time results in enhanced staining expecially for nuclear markers. PathnSitu highly sensitive and specific PolyExcel two step detection system is non-biotin, polymer based detection system which significantly reduce or shows no background on tissue containing high levels of avidin, biotin ex. kidney, Liver,and Lymphoid tissue.


  • Micro polymer technology
  • Shorter incubation times
  • Highly Specific and Sensitive
  • Universal kit for Mouse and Rabbit Primary Antibodies

Kit Components

  • PolyExcel Peroxidase Block
  • PolyExcel Target Binder
  • PolyExcel Poly HRP
  • PolyExcel Stunn DAB Buffer
  • PolyExcel Stunn DAB Chromogen

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