Tonsil stained with anti-PD1


PDCD-1 (programmed cell death-1 protein), also designated CD279, is a type I transmembrane receptor and a member of the immunoglobin gene superfamily. It is expressed on activated T-cells, B-cells, and myeloid cells. Anti-PDCD-1 is a marker of angioimmunoblastic lymphoma and suggests a unique cell of origin for this neoplasm. Unlike CD10 and BCL6, PDCD-1 is expressed by few B-cells, so anti-PDCD-1 may be a more specific and useful diagnostic marker in angioimmunoblastic lymphoma. In addition, PDCD-1 expression provides evidence that angioimmunoblastic lymphoma is a neoplasm derived from germinal center-associated T-cells.


  • Source
    Mouse Monoclonal
  • Clone
  • Class
  • Isotype
    Mouse IgG1, kappa
  • Tested Reactivity
  • Localization
    Cell Surface, Cytoplasm
  • Positive Control

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