Lung adenoCa stained with anti-Napsin A

Napsin A-EP205

Napsin A is an aspartic proteinase that belongs to the peptidase A1 family and plays a role in pneumocyte surfactant processing. In normal tissue, Anti-Napsin A specifically labels type II pneumocytes in adult lung and epithelial cells in kidney tissues. In abnormal tissues, Napsin A is strongly positive in over 80% of primary lung adenocarcinomas and 79% of renal cell carcinoma by immunohistochemistry. Napsin A is a useful marker for lung adenocarcinoma. The combined use of Napsin A and thyroid transcription factor (TTF) improves the sensitivity and specificity for identification of pulmonary adenocarcinoma.


  • Source
    Rabbit Monoclonal
  • Clone
  • Class
  • Isotype
    Rabbit IgG
  • Tested Reactivity
  • Localization
  • Positive Control
    Lung adenoCa

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